A little goes a long way…

I had a friend ask me a question the other day that made do a little thinking.  I am one of those people who LOVES to get up early in the morning and get my workout in. Now, I haven’t always been that way.  If you would have told me 3 years ago that I would be getting up at 4:30AM to go to the gym, I probably would have laughed hard enough to pee my pants or at least give you a really good snort.  And here I am today looking forward to my butt-crack of dawn workouts.   Okay – Back to my friend and her query.  She asked me WHY I get up that early to workout.  (It was said with an undertone of “you are freaking crazy”, by the way) but it made me start to pen a mental list of the motive behind my madness.  In all honesty, it’s not the 4:30am hour that I was pondering.   She could have asked my why I get up at 7:00am to workout.  I was actually thinking about the driving factor that motivates each of us to act and adopt a healthier life.  What gets any of us out of bed each morning?   What motivates us to eat healthy or get rid of bad habits?  Here’s my list of what keeps me heading to the gym (at any hour) and  living a healthy life-style, and I want to hear what keeps YOU motivated, too!

1.  The Minions – Last week I was getting ready to teach my 5:30am Spin class when 2 men were overheard having a conversation.  It went something like this…Guy one:  “Man, class is crowded on Wednesdays.”  Guy two:  “Ya, Trish’s minions come out in full force.”  That made my day because it is those Minions that give me reason to get up so early.  They just make my classes so enjoyable and I just love them all!  Again, more on the minions later.

2. Da Boys – it’s not what you are thinking.  There are a group of about 5 – 7 of us who show up every morning at 4:55am at the gym.  We are all there.  Bottom line.  End of story.  But if someone is missing, we all wonder.   We don’t really even talk that much because we are all doing our own thing, but we are there and the friendship is there. I’ll post more about them later.

3.  The Kiddos – need I say more?  I want to be healthy to run around with them and chase them.  There will come a day when I am not the cool mom (note to self, that day is here….), but I’ll be right there with them with a full tank of energy!

4.  Endorphins – it’s my drug of choice.  I need them everyday or I am onry.

5.  Sanity – please refer to #4.

6.  Health – I’ve been blessed so far in life to not have any major illnesses.  I am fully aware that very healthy individuals get horrible diseases, but if I can defend myself against some of them, you better believe I am all over that one.

7.  ME – I like to take care of me and my body.  If I honor my body, it will honor me and function as I need it to.  And I need it to function at full capacity – I’ve got a lot to do in this life!

So, what gets you out of bed each day and keeps you motivated?  Share, please. Someone out there needs to hear your ideas!


6 thoughts on “A little goes a long way…

  1. Honestly, I have never been a morning person (that was the hardest mission rule for me) but having babies that wake up at the crack of dawn forces me to get up and get moving and I must say, I accomplish WAY more when I do. I’m just waiting for the day that I actually enjoy it. 🙂
    But the main reason I wanted to comment is to tell you I ADORE that picture of your family and hope you have it blown up huge on your wall. It is a perfect depiction of your family both who you are individually, and as a whole.

  2. This topic completely struck a chord with me. My driving force behind my supposed insanity is as follows…

    1. MY HEALTH!!! I have suffered from various health problems through the last 10 years or so. Interestingly enough I started exercising consistently 5-6 days a week 13 years ago, so obviously this is not what started my health and wellness journey…. Health issues I’ve suffered from and continue to suffer from are Hypoglycemia (precursor to diabetes which is very heavily prevalent in my family) and Hypothyroidism (which makes weight loss and maintenance difficult to say the least. I hate it.) I watch the way my family lives, eats and treats their bodies and it has been a HUGE motivating factor for me! I DO NOT want to end up like them sadly enough… The Live the Life program has helped both of my health issues out and related problems TREMENDOUSLY!!!

    2. My kids. I did not grow up with healthy role models in my family and want different for my kids. I also love the fact that I’m mistaken for my older kids’ sister all the time:) I love that I can go sledding, skiing, skating, bike riding, hiking, swimming, and anything else my kids throw at me with them and I just LOVE doing it! I see some of my overweight friends unfitness limit the fun they can have with their kids. It makes me sad.

    3. My “Fellow Gym Rats”! I can workout at home, no problem. I even have all the equipment I need to get a fabulous workout at home, but…. I LOVE my gym rats! I love the social aspect of going to the gym! I teach also and feel an obligation to the sweet awesome women that come to my classes. It pushes ME harder and to my personal best by working out with my students. I truly LOVE teaching with all my heart!

    4. Endorphins. Aka “momma’s happy medicine” 🙂 My family knows how important exercising is to their happiness cause, “When Momma ain’t happy, no one’s happy.”

    5. Natural Anti-depressant. Refer to #4

    6. I would be lying if I didn’t say I also am motivated by the awesome by-product that exercising/lifting does for the physique! I kinda like my butt being high and tight not hanging down south lookin like I need a butt bra! 😉 Ha ha So ya, my vanity is motivating.

    I’ve loved reading this post Trish! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Trish: I am so impressed with your mindful and thoughtfully written comments. I will continue to read and make use of the inspiration to get my act together. It is still a work in progress (not perfection). My rooster inclination will probably pull strongly but soon sun and longer days will assist. And that Emma seems to enfold the best of both you and Jesse. Suzanne

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