You better listen up…

Miss Sassy pants had a very important piece of information that she divulged to me yesterday.  I am not sure how long she had been keeping said piece of information from me, but I felt that we all could benefit.  I mean, it DOES relate to your health, so it feels appropriate to share.   Listen closely and take action….

“Kids get fevers because they eat boogers.”

I think you know what to do.


4 thoughts on “You better listen up…

  1. Trish…is this a new blog? i LOVE IT!!!!! you are so flippin cute and that Emma…I swear I wanna eat her up, she is the funniest little thing!! 🙂


  2. Ha ha ha… Your little Emma is such a hoot!!! I haven’t been sick once all winter so I must not eat my boogers! 😉 Yay me!!! 😀 Actually, I really think its that Kangen water. Best detox around. And all you have to do is drink your water. Well, that and not eat your boogers! Lol! 😀 😀 😀

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