From a Man’s Perspective

The Allen household kind of revolves around fitness.   We enjoy living a healthy life-style, learning each day and sharing our passion with others.  Jesse (my husband) has a little blog of his own that I thoroughly enjoy reading (he isn’t making me say that – I love his writing style and his topics).  His blog is named 3rd Avenue Fitness.  A little history behind the name.  When we were married 13 years ago, our first home was on 3rd Avenue in Pocatello, Idaho. Wonderful memories and lessons learned are associated with our first abode.  This is where Jesse first developed his love of fitness with his first weight set in the tiny garage out back.  So it seems only appropriate that his blog is called 3rd Avenue Fitness.  Anyways, I thought once a week I would post my favorite post of his from the previous week (this is to also challenge him to continue posting).  I’ll let you see for yourself why I so loved this particular post on two little words that can change lives.

“Over the past few years, I have come to believe that the two most powerful words in anyone’s life are, “I can’t.”  Everyday I have a client tell me something that they can not do.  “I can’t do that it hurts my back.”  “My doctor said I can’t do that because it will hurt me knees.”  […]


2 thoughts on “From a Man’s Perspective

  1. I am enjoying reading both your blogs Trish. The book quote from Jesse’s post here is one I have kept with me for a few years now, it is on my vision board but I don’t read it often enough. Thanks for the inspiration.

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