I had no idea

Well, I blew it – I totally missed National Pistachio Day.  It was yesterday, February 26.  I found out today.  Way to go, Trish.  I can’t pass up publishing a post on this because this is one food that my kids go “nuts” over.   My kids are kind of picky (understatement of the year), but pistachios are a food they will gobble up in minutes!  Here are some benefits to this healthy snack that I found HERE.


image via http://www.pistachiohealth.com/


1.  Pistachios promote a healthy cardiovascular system

2.  Pistachios are among the highest in antioxidants of all snack nuts.

3.  Pistachios are one of the lowest calorie, lowest fat nuts and offering more nuts per serving compared to any other snack nut.  (1 oz – or 49 kernels –  is 170 calories)

4.  Pistachios are considered to be a satiating snack (makes you feel full!)

5.  Pistachios are naturally free from trans-fat.


So, happy belated National Pistachio Day to you all.  But I want to know – if you like Pistachios, what do you like them in?   OR – if you don’t like them, what is your favorite nut?


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