Do I keep my facial hair?

No really….what is going through your mind right now.  You can tell me.  We’re friends.

Should I:

A.  Keep the beard

B.  Shave it

C.  Go into hiding

Stop laughing.

This nifty face warmer is called the 5 o’clock shadow.  I bring it to your attention because I think we have all experienced being outside in the FREEZING cold with a face that is about ready to fall off and an annoying scarf that won’t let you breath.  Running, skiing, snowboarding, sledding, ice fishing, ice skating, snowshoeing, having a snowball fight….and that annoying scarf is in your way, right?

Well not anymore!  The ladies who created these are geniuses.  They are women who aren’t afraid of a little facial hair (that was stolen from their website).  You don’t have to get one that looks like a beard, by the way.  They have really cute knitted ones in fun colors AND they are actually really comfortable.  I think it would be perfect for running outside…if I ran outside.  Anyways, if you are sick of trying to keep the scarf over your mouth, try this out.   5 o’clock Shadow found HERE.  Pretty cool if ask me.  I’ll take one in pink, please.


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