The saddest tale of all

I am sure you have all heard the sad tale of the shoemaker whose children never had shoes to wear.   Sad.  Or the baker whose children never had bread to eat.   So sad.  Well,  I am here to tell you an even sadder tale.  I am the nutritionist whose children don’t want to eat healthy.


I am embarrassed to even admit it.  But, alas, it is true.  My kids don’t like healthy food.  They wrinkle their noses at veggies.  They groan in protest when the word “healthy” is used with any meal that they are expected to eat.  They take the tiniest nibbles possible and then act like they just ate poo. Sometimes there is an actual gag.  It is discouraging and disappointing.  BUT – I am working on it a little every day.


Even the school is trying to teach them healthy eating!

Part of my desire for this blog is to share some of the small victories that are taking place at the Allen home to persuade, beg, or deceive my children into eating “healthy”.   My thoughts are, that if I am having a hard time getting my kids to think and eat healthy and receiving some resistance in return, someone else is experiencing the same thing.  So why not all share ideas?  I like that.

Healthy strategies, bribing, whatever….coming soon.  And no nose wrinkling allowed.


3 thoughts on “The saddest tale of all

  1. Send them up. I will break them of this habit with some potatoes, gravy and roast beef!! YUM!!! for at least one meal..Miss You!!

  2. Hey Trish,

    Yeah…my kids won’t eat anything at all, except for a few vegetables here and there. It is downright impossible for me to cook anymeal for them. My oldest (age 11) usually goes to bed with no food because I’ve stopped allowing him to make a PB&J when he won’t eat anything on his plate. He will only eat a bit of broccoli and beyond that a few processed foods and that’s it.

    So we really struggle here too. I am grateful they will eat some veggies, but it gets old every day. Would love to be able to switch it up.

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