From a Man’s Perspective – I had to pick two

It was extremely difficult for me to pick JUST ONE favorite post of my husband’s this week.  All resonate in some way with me, and the two I picked do just that.  Yes, I picked two.  Because I can.

I loved his first post of the week on Accomplishment. I was able to witness the experience he spoke of and it brings tears to my eyes.  Those he is speaking of are my friends, and I am incredibly proud of all of their accomplishments.  They (past and present clients at RLFH) continue to inspire me daily.  Thank you.

“Motivation is a complex and difficult topic to describe.  It does not come from a single source, nor does it work the same for all people.  For some it comes from within, while for others it comes from external encouragement and support.  It is also important to realize that it is nearly impossible to motivate someone []”

The second post that resonated with me is a topic we speak of often at our home and at work – “Get Strong at the Gym and Lean at the Dinner Table”.  Years ago, I was under the false impression that I could eat whatever I wanted to as long as I put in my gym time.   That thinking got me nowhere except a few pounds heavier on the scale.  I think you’ll like it, too.

Consider the following statistic for a minute.  Between 1994 and 2010 the number of commercial fitness centers in the US increased by nearly 140%.  Athletic clubs, fitness studios, and training camps are more prevalent than ever, are accessible to the majority of the US population, are usually financially affordable, and yet the US population as a []


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