Berry Good

This little morsel of goodness is a favorite at our house right now.  Like, we-can’t-keep-them-in-the-fridge-gotta-eat-em-now, goodness.  I love that my kids gobble them up!  Not only are they high in Vitamin C, but they also have several health benefits.  Strawberries are known as a heart protective fruit, an anti-cancer fruit, and an anti-inflammatory fruit.  Gotta love that and since strawberries are at their peak April to July, we will be munching on this fruit for a while.

We have been throwing strawberries into:

–  Smoothies
–  Protein Shakes
–  Salads
–  Cottage Cheese
–  Greek Yogurt
–  Dressings (I’ll share a delicious recipe later this week)
–  By themselves with Truvia sprinkled on them

How about you – what have you been throwing strawberries in?  Eat up!


One thought on “Berry Good

  1. We’ve been having them here at our house too! But my oldest daughter does not like them for some odd reason. My youngest daughter however begs and begs me to get them every time she sees some.
    We eat them plain and a favorite is mixing them with some ice cubes, blueberries, little milk and a banana. Yummy, quick fresh fruit smoothie. 🙂 oh yes- also add some spinach to that baby and it’s even more nutrient-filled, but shhh, my kiddos don’t know! 😉

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