From a Man’s Perspective – Time Under Tension

Many times when I go to the gym to lift weights on my own, I rush through the exercises and try to get in as many sets as possible in the limited amount of time that I have.  Jesse’s blog post this week made me stop and think and slow down.  I took on his challenge and slowed down my reps on a couple of days.  The result – sore, sore, sore!   Wow – my muscles were loving the time and attention I was spending on them.  For those who may feel like their lifting routines are getting “boring”, try this method for a week.  Read below and you will see what I am talking about.

“The other day I spent the evening helping my son with his math homework.  As a 5th grader he is learning about unit rates, and how to calculate them.  The majority of our time was spent learning how to calculate the distance a car would travel in a given time if you knew how fast it was going, or deciding which price per widget would be better depending on the discounts you received for volume purchases.  As I corrected his homework, I realized []”


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