Make your body your machine

Looking for the latest way to train, but don’t want a fad that will disappear before 2011 does?   Getting bored with your workout routine and want something new?  Feel like you aren’t getting the results you want?   Do you keep getting injured doing everyday activities, despite the time you put into your workouts? Well look no further, I have your answer….check out the TRX Suspension Training System.

Jesse and I were introduced to this little work of wonder a few months ago and immediately knew we needed to add it into our training regimen.   We fell in love with it for many reasons:

– The TRX can be set up anywhere – which means I can it to my Mom’s house and still get a good workout in.  Sorry mom.
– Small enough to pack in my suitcase.
–  Delivers a full body workout….all with one piece of equipment.
–  Is perfect for all fitness levels.
–  No matter what exercise you are doing, the core is working the entire time.  (LOVE to work the core)
–  Uses functional movements which to me, as a busy woman and mother, is important.  I want to be stronger in every day activities, not just in how much weight I can lift.

I encourage you to find a local gym in your area that offers TRX Group Training Classes.  Treehouse Athletic Club in Draper (where I teach) offers such classes.  They are amazing and will give you a workout like you have never experienced before!  I don’t teach them, but you’ll find me using my TRX…when Jesse isn’t hogging it.


5 thoughts on “Make your body your machine

  1. Trish…I LOVE this blog! I guess this is my little Trish time to catch up…I LOVE how fun and funny you are! I just LOVE you! Thanks for writing this and giving me more food options!

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