King of Anything

*You might have to click the play button then click to go watch it on YouTube.  It’s worth it!

When this song comes on, you will find me singing at the top of my lungs and clapping my hands.  It is so catchy and it makes me happy!   I love to bike and run to this little ditty.  Listen to it and tell me you aren’t singing it all day long.


7 thoughts on “King of Anything

  1. hahaha I can see you now during Tread flailing your arms in the air and singing in the mic!! This is a great song, never quite listened to the words till now and its soooooo appropriate and perfect timing for me!!! THANKS! ❤

  2. Thanks for sharing Trish! It was good for me to listen to this song today… and I like the video too! I hadn’t see that before. You are awesome!

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