Should they stay or should they go?

I enjoy running.  I wouldn’t consider myself “a runner” (the thought of running 26.2 miles is synonymous with sticking needles in my eyes), but  I have participated in a few 5K’s, 10K’s and a half marathon.  I am not an expert, but I teach 3 “Tread” classes a week where I coach participants through running or walking drills on flats and hills.  It is by far one of the hardest classes, but also one of the most rewarding as we each realize our potential to push ourselves past limits we have set for ourselves.

About a month ago during one of these classes, I noticed my feet were getting uncomfortable.  I was having a difficult time getting one foot to feel right in my shoe and it was all I could concentrate on.  After class, I began to wonder, “How long have I been wearing these shoes?”  The thought of getting new running shoes crossed my mind but I didn’t want new ones because  A.  I liked these shoes  B.  I didn’t want to break in new shoes and C.  Running shoes are kind of expensive.  So I continued to wear my old running shoes and continued to get more uncomfortable with each class.  Unbeknownst to me,  the longer I wore the shoe, the cushioning was actually breaking down and beginning to lose stability and shock absorption capacity.  This was  increasing stress on my muscles and joints and potentially leading me to develop overuse injuries.  Not good.  I did go buy some new shoes but let me share 5 signs that all pointed to ditching the old running shoes and getting some new ones.   These are all signs I will pay more attention to in the future:

actual new shoes….I like them

1.  I had logged 300 – 500 miles on my shoes.
2.   I was constantly tying my shoelaces tighter and tighter trying to create a false sense of added support.
3.  I noticed my muscles and joints were actually more sore after my classes and the day after.
4.  The midsole of  my shoes was wore out.
5.  When I tried on a new pair of shoes, I could instantly feel the difference.  They felt more “stable” to me.

Bye-bye old shoes, hello new!  And I even bought 2 pairs so I could rotate them and make them last longer.   My body is feeling good!  Who knows, I might even reconsider that 26.2.


4 thoughts on “Should they stay or should they go?

  1. I just got new shoes for the same reason when I went to Utah. We went to the SL Running Company. Having new shoes makes me feel empowered. Its so weird, but I think, “I have to take these babies out on the town and show them a few things!” I just can’t wait to get out there and break them in. I am glad you got new shoes. I hope you like them. You totally should do that 26.2. Last time I heard only 5% of Americans ever have done one. Its such a great feeling of accomplishment. Yes it sucks, but for all the good reasons. Andrea and I are thinking of doing the Vegas one on December 4. You should join us! We can have a LTL team 🙂

    • Doorly – that’s where I got mine! Good for you and Andrea. I think I would have to walk the 26.2….you two would leave me in the dust! Did you see how fast the winner of the Boston Marathon was? Holy Crap!

  2. They should go! I can always tell when my shoes have “had it” because my feet start to hurt. They always say, “ahhh,” when the new pair comes along!

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