MS Walk 2011

I woke up on Saturday morning, took one look outside, and had one thought cross my mind: I am NOT doing the MS Walk today.  If you would have seen the same scene I did, you would have had the same thoughts.  April 30…and it was snowing.  Yes, snowing.  The thought of dragging 2 kids to downtown SLC to walk 3 miles was synonymous with poking needles in my eyes, running or marathon or heaven forbid – camping.

I drug myself to the gym to get some resistance training in and was pleasantly surprised to emerge an hour later to fair conditions.  At that point, my thoughts started to turn to my sweet friend, Tara, who we were walking with and my father in law, One Eye Wayne. Both of whom we were walking for.  That did it….we were going.

Home I went to drag two little rug rats from their slumber and off the SLC we headed with our gloves, hats and jackets.

The weather turned out to be fairly decent for most of the walk.  Emma walked a little bit…

…but I carried her for about 2.5 miles while enjoying the company of good friends.

Great walk.  Great Friends. Great Cause.


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