I Can’t Live Without It….

You may find this trite, or funny, or think I am weird, but I seriously cannot live without the Magic Bullet Blender.  I could do their infomercial or give an amazing testimonial on how this contraption has literally changed my life.

I take it everywhere with me…in the car on road trips, to the gym, on the airplane, etc…   And I use it several times a day.  A few things I use it for daily:

–  Shakes (the most delicious, creamy shakes EVER!)
–  Salad dressings
–  Pancake mixes (I’ll share a recipe tomorrow)
–  Eggs (they are so much better when blended and whipped)
–  Oat flour
–  Shredded chicken
–  Fruit Smoothies
–  Creamsicles

Recently my husband and I were traveling, and I forgot the blade.   I almost cried.  I even made him drive to Target to see how much a complete new one cost (he wouldn’t let me get one).  I sulked all week because my shakes weren’t as good.

Yes, there are other blenders out there, but this one takes the cake!  Have a healthy, happy week!


4 thoughts on “I Can’t Live Without It….

  1. Trish,
    OK, so just yesterday a friend was teasing me about my GREAT LOVE for the Magic Bullet. Saying I sound like an info-mercial……I LOVE IT too! And right not its on coupon at Costco! EVERYONE should have one! I love the Banana Oat pancakes, also a great gluten-free recipe (as my good friend Michelle pointed out). Thanks for the post, made me smile!

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