A Happy Mama Needs Friends…

I love being a mother and wife.  I really do.  (And here it comes…)


…I also need friends!   For me personally, I need my girlfriends.  I have been fortunate in my life to have wonderful friends from high school, college and friends from neighborhoods and work.  They know who they are.  The ones where time means nothing.  We pick up right where we left off.   I love these friends.

I want to introduce you to a special group of friends.  I became friends with these ladies at the gym.  Now, we know we are TRUE friends because we see each other at the insane hour of 5AM.  Yes.  5AM.  (that is not a typo)  No make-up, unkempt hair, sometimes not matching and frequently on the smelly side.  Unconditional friendship is what I call that.

I have learned many lessons from these friends.  I have laughed with these ladies while lifting weights.  Poured my heart out while on the stairclimber.  Cried while running on the treadmill.  Jumped for joy to celebrate success and hugged during the hard times.  They have each touched my heart as have many of you reading this.  Yes, you know who you are.   I wish I had a picture of each of you to post.

I am moving away from these ladies and many of you, but friendships know no miles.

A mama needs her peeps to be happy….and I am a happy mama indeed.


4 thoughts on “A Happy Mama Needs Friends…

  1. We all need friends. I think it is a proven fact that women who have good friends make better wives and mothers. I am so very blessed to call you my friend.

  2. Trish: You are inspiring and have inspired so many people. We are all really fortunate to have the privilege to know you. Thanks for all the help you gave to me and my wife in your role as a leader. Thanks for sharing by way of this blog and your facebook page the great moments from your entertaining family. I’m so impressed by the high quality of the work you have done. I hope that you enjoy many wonderful rewards because you have certainly earned them. Best of everything! Cheers, Dave

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