Summer, Summer

I was a little hesitant to even type those words with the crazy weather we have been having…is summer ever going to show up for the party this year?  I think so!   I have big plans for the kiddos to keep them active this summer.  When I was growing up (I hated it when my parents started out conversations that way, and here I go….) we rode bikes all day long, climbed trees, made huts, slept outside in the tent, went camping and just got dirty an had fun.  As I watch my kids, I see less of what I did growing up and see more of watching TV, playing video games and surfing the computer.  Not this summer!   Here is what the Allen Summer List looks like:

1.  Hiking – We just moved to sunny St. George and there are some great hikes to try out. Look how beautiful it is here….

2.  Swimming – Translate this as “laying out for mom”

3. Bike Riding –  I still remember my first bike…..the “Wildflower” with the purple banana seat.  (remember those??)  My kids may not be cruising around with banana seats, but they will be riding!

4.  Fishing – I know, I don’t fish, but Grandpa does.  They have already been once so far.  (Grandpa caught 10 and Emma caught 0)

5.  Exploring Zions National Park – I am not entirely sure we have been here, but we will go this summer.

6.  Tennis, miniature golf, yard games…..anything we can find to keep them interested and moving

7.  Trips to the park to play (and make new friends!)

8.  Evening strolls

9.  Contests  – my kids love to have push-up and sit-up contests!  I’ll have to video it one day for you.

So what are you doing to stay active this summer with your kids?


3 thoughts on “Summer, Summer

  1. You are so NOT helping my massive desire to move to St George! 🙂

    There is a great splash pad/wading river in downtown St George that we have visit everytime we go. Its fun and open late.

  2. Trish: This summer sounds like lots of fun for those kids and their parents. Good for you for arranging it! You do such a great job with your blog-making it visually interesting and beautiful and filling it with so many good ideas. It’s great to see it come out.

    On a side note some stranger came into spin in the middle of class this morning and went back into the equipment room- I guess to change some settings. She went back out again like you used to do in a blur with a smile and a wave. No smile no wave. We’re missing you up here. Cheers, Dave

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