Raspberries = Summer

Every Summer while growing up, my Mom and Dad would raise raspberries and my mom would make homemade Red Raspberry Jam.   To this day, my kids won’t eat any other jam than my mom’s jam.  It’s famous.  No really, it is.  And I don’t care if any of you are thinking that your mom did the same thing….my mom’s jam is better than your mom’s jam.

Anyways, I don’t make my own jam (my mommy still does that for me), but I did buy a flat of those delicious berries and we are mowing them down at my house this week!  Yummy!  One of my favorite combinations is to eat raspberries and freshly sliced peaches with truvia sprinkled on top.  Oh my.  You must try.

I love my family noshing on these because research is suggesting they may have cancer preventative properties, are ideal for weight control, promote heart health and have powerful antioxidant protection.  Who knows, if they ever last more than one day at my house, I just might make then into my Mom’s famous raspberry jam!  But don’t hold your breath.

What is your favorite way to eat raspberries?


4 thoughts on “Raspberries = Summer

  1. I love to eat them freshly picked in the garden. They tend to be extra sweet early in the morning. We have a 50 foot row of raspberries that bear fruit all summer. Delicious!!!

  2. When we lived in Seattle our stake had a berry farm. You could go and pick raspberries and strawberries there. One summer we returned to Seattle with our then small boys. We went into the rasberriy patch and filled a flat. I think another flat found its way into our bellies in the process. Then we took the strawberries and raspberries and began driving back to Salt Lake. I don’t think those flats lasted beyond Boise. Great memories though.

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