A dream for my kids….a nightmare for me

Just in case one of you “accidentally” invites me to go camping….I don’t like to camp.  No really.  I don’t.  I grew up camping EVERY summer of my childhood to Redfish Lake by Stanley, Idaho.  This was the highly anticipated summer vacation by me and my sisters.  We would hike, boat, fish, play in the lake, watch my dad go scuba diving and anxiously await the underwater treasures he would bring to the surface, roast marshmallows, roast weenies, have cereal that came in those little tiny one serving size boxes (the ONLY time we got sugary cereal) and just get dirty.  Sounds like HEAVEN for a kid, right?  I honestly did love it as a kid.  Now that I am an adult and know the preparation and post-camping clean up my mom did…not so much.  It gives me anxiety.  Well, since I did love to camp in a previous life, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity for my own kids to go camping with my parents and all my siblings last week.  (NOTE:  I was invited.  Kind of.)  And I knew they would be active for a week without the usual distractions of TV, computer and DS.  Now THAT is heaven to me – just what I was hoping for this summer!

Their camping vacation included the same adventures as my childhood camping trips….hiking, boating, fishing, roasting marshmallows, sleeping in tents, etc… And they loved it.  Here is a picture at the infamous “Lily Pond” at Redfish Lake:

These are most of my nieces and nephews and one random boy I don’t recognize. Seriously. I have no idea who one of those kids is.

If you are looking for a way to get your kids out of the house this summer and active, plan a camping trip!  Looking at this picture brings a flood of memories.  Maybe, just maybe, I’ll go with them next year.  Redfish does have a lodge….


4 thoughts on “A dream for my kids….a nightmare for me

  1. the lodge…now that is my kind of camping! I don’t enjoy it either. I did my token ward campout a few weeks ago and froze (it was only in Lehi). I’ll send my husband with the kids and enjoy the time alone! That’s my kind of camping!

  2. My kids get to go up that way every year as well for camping. I love the Sawtooth Mountains. Who wouldn’t want to camp up there! But I here you on the cleanup for mom, LOL!

  3. Trish! We have found something we are different on! I love camping! But, I am so with you on the prep and clean-up! I find though that with any vacation we take there is a LOT anyway! But, of course even when we are in a hotel room we rarely eat out. I’m a meal planner, even with my family. I don’t however like sleeping in a tent. We have camper. Only way to camp in my opinion. 🙂

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