I am not above deception

Picky, picky, picky.  That’s what my kids are when it comes to eating.  Like many of you, I find it hard to get those picky eaters to eat a nutritious meal consisting of the healthiest ingredients.  I fail miserably at times.  And sometimes I have to resort to deception.  It’s true.

This is exactly where I found myself last night at dinner.  I had planned to make spaghetti with ground turkey when I realized moments before making it that I had forgotten to thaw out said turkey.  (I may or may not have forgotten to buy the turkey in the first place.)  Anyways, no meat.  No protein. Hmmmm….they don’t eat enough protein as is and the choices of what they WOULD actually consume were slim to none.  Enter deception.

Cottage cheese blended with tomato sauce and they will never know. And guess what?  It worked and was VERY tasty.  As an added bonus, Emma liked it because it was pink.

To make it, I used a 2 to 1 ratio of tomato sauce to cottage cheese (example:  2 cups tomato sauce to 1 cup cottage cheese) and seasoned to taste with Italian Seasoning, garlic powder, tiny amount of salt, fresh basil, etc… whatever tickles your spaghetti sauce fancy.  After blending it in a small blender until you couldn’t see any pieces of cottage cheese, I heated it up on the stove.  Just a little.  And wallah….one happy mama and two happy kids.


4 thoughts on “I am not above deception

  1. Wow, great idea. It’s all about the blender and sneaking healthy stuff in I’ve heard. My 4 year old has hit the picky stage. After reading this Mom’s Guide (http://www.1dental.com/moms-guide/) and realizing I was giving him foods with way too much sugar, I’ve been rethinking our family’s diet. I need to make some changes, not only for nutrition but for his (and our) future health!

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