It’s the simple things in life…

…that bring so much joy!

I think we have all had this experience on Christmas morning – the kids open all the expensive, extravagent gifts and the ONLY present they want to play with is the box.  It’s simple.  It’s fun.  Why wouldn’t they?  As I look back on my {short} life, the happiest moments are the simplest moments.   Like the first years after we got married when we were poor, both going to college and working a couple of jobs.  Simple, but oh so happy!

This week we took the kids to a park with some big rocks to climb on.  Just rocks.  No enormous playground equipment or high priced tickets to enter.  Just us and nature.  Simple.  They played for hours….crawling into every crevice to explore, climbing up every peak and sliding back down, running, sweating…I loved it.  Makes me stop in our crazy, rushed world and slow down to enjoy the little things that matter most.

If you have an area like this where you live, take your kids there this weekend!  {you most likely have one, you just haven’t discovered it yet!}  They will love it {and you!}.  Happy exploring!


4 thoughts on “It’s the simple things in life…

  1. Loved this post! Two years ago for Christmas my then 4 year old only wanted a box. That was all. She seriously asked Santa for a Box. Boy did he deliver. She screamed over and over and over juming up and down so excited that Santa brought her a box. It was big enough for her to sleep in with some other toys she got for Christmas. We cut a door in it and she loved it. Still have the box a year and a half later!

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