My New Gym Buddy

My new obsession at the gym is this handy little iPhone app:

It’s called the Tabata Pro, is an interval timer, is $2.99 and worth EVERY penny!  You can see it HERE.  I put it to good use each and every workout.

Here is what I love about it:

–  You can manipulate the work time, rest time, cycles, tabatas, etc….to give you endless combinations of torture possibilities!
–  When the sound is on, it tells you when to start the work and when to rest.  And the best part is, you can use it while you play your music and it talks over the music.  I strap it to my arm and GO!
–  The sound can be turned off.  Oh wait, that is what the people at the gym love about it…. But really, I can turn the sound off and the screen flashes at me to give me visual cues.
–  Apparently it also speaks to you in Japanese, but I haven’t tried it yet.

I use it for:

–  Intervals:  Stairclimber, Treadmill, Bike, etc…
–  Resistance Training:  Sometimes I get bored of doing “4 sets of 10 – 12”, so I will do a superset and use my timer to time me instead of doing reps.   The nice thing about using the Tabata Pro, is that that rest time won’t let you slack!  (slack = answering texts and emails when you should be working)
–  Tabata:  Obviously
–  TRX:  I like my class participants work at their own pace and focus on quality instead of quantity of reps, so this app is perfect to keep us on track.  I love it, the class members probably don’t.

Go buy it and see how much more enjoyable and challenging your next workout is!


2 thoughts on “My New Gym Buddy

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