Chef Sleeve

Every weekend I spend a few hours in my kitchen meal prepping and trying out new recipes.  When I am cooking or baking, I love to use my iPad to refer to or look up new recipes.  I am a pretty tidy person, except when it comes to cooking lots of meals at once.  Then the kitchen, and my hands, get a little out of control.  I dear friend of mine who understands how I enjoy cooking AND using my iPad gave me the most thoughtful gift – the Chef Sleeve.

It is basically a resealable plastic bag that fits perfectly over the iPad and fits snugly enough to allow me to swipe and touch the screen.  With the Chef Sleeve, I can still use my iPad without washing my hands a thousand times.  This was the perfect answer for me!  So, if you have a friend (or yourself) who likes to spend time in the kitchen AND has an iPad, I think you just found your next thoughtful gift. You can find out more about the Chef Sleeve or order them HERE.


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