You might just pee your pants…

You’ve heard me say before that workouts at the gym can get slightly boring unless you keep them fresh with new ideas. My latest  way to “keep it fresh”  is incorporating the jumprope. Yes, I know, the jumprope.

I have incorporated the jumprope into my workouts by using it as a warm-up (doesn’t take too long to get the heart pumping!) or I will use it in between my weight lifting sets (for example:  1 set of squats, jumprope for 30 seconds, repeat 3 – 4 more times).  It keeps my heart rate up during my workout with very little down time.  Note to self:  If you have ever given birth, you might want to schedule some bathroom time. Ahem.

Some benefits to jumping rope include:

–  It’s cheap exercise.  For around $2 – $3 you have a great source of cardio!
–  You can take it anywhere!  Takes up very little space in a suitcase so is perfect for travel.
–  Improved balance, agility, and coordination. Spinning your arms and lifting your feet at the same time is challenging on your mental and physical coordination.
–  High calorie burner.  If you jump fast enough, jumping rope can burn as many calories as running (10 – 15 calories per minute).
–  Builds fitness fast as it is works on both cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength.

My favorite jumprope (as far as being easiest to use, in my opinion) is found HERE. The green handle one is my fav, but pick the one that fits your height. You might feel silly and a bit awkward at first (I did), but keep at it!  You’ll get better at it and who knows, you might not pee your pants.


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