I was lied to…

I moved to a much warmer climate this past summer and was not shy about my feelings in ditching the cold weather in northern Utah. But I must say, I was lied to…it still gets chilly here in the mornings and evenings! I thought I could get rid of all of my winter clothing when I moved, but I am so glad I didn’t. My solution on these not-so-warm-I-thought-it-was-warm-all-year-round-days is to break out my favorite long pants and jackets from Impact Fitness Wear.

Megan over at Impact Fitness Wear has designed the most comfy and fashionable workout clothing. But I don’t just wear these to workout in. I also wear them to kick around town running errands, travel, work, clean, hike, shop, etc.  My favs right now as the weather turns chilly are the combat pants and ruching remix jackets (see picture below). To. Die. For. I think I have them both in every color available (but don’t tell Jesse). Just wait – you’ll want them in every color, too!

Right now is the perfect time to order because just until tomorrow night (November 28), you can get 20% off by using the code TURKEY20 at checkout. Great Christmas gift (to: me, from: me)!!


2 thoughts on “I was lied to…

  1. Okay. So I’m NOT gonna lie……those combat pants and the ruching remix jacket are quite simply put, my new favorite clothes. They fit incredibly well, are extremely comfortable, look like “real” clothes (so you really CAN get away with wearing sweats in public….) and they are HIGH QUALITY! In fact, I was at a sporting goods store yesterday checking out their workout gear that was on sale. I couldn’t purchase it…..it felt so thin and cheap! Thanks for the heads-up on the sale! Although, it is worth paying full price for. And yes, there will be a “to me from me” under the tree! : )

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