The Stair “Monster”

You know those exercises you have a love/hate relationship with?  Like lunges, push-ups, and the plank?  Ah yes. Those. I hate them while I am doing them, but love the results they bring. I also have a love/hate relationship with the stair master, which I lovingly refer to as the stair “monster”.  I hate it because it is hard.  There is no other way to put it. I have to push myself when I am on it, it NEVER stops turning those steps, and I can’t step off take a break without having to fully step off the machine and restart it again. It is just plain out challenging. I love it for the exact same reasons – it is challenging – and because of the results it brings. It is like a double whammy when you do your cardio on the stair master because you are actually getting some resistance in at the same time by having to lift your own body weight each time you take a step.

But I’ll admit…I sometimes get bored taking step after step after step… So I mixed it up a little last week and thought I’d share with my step-loving friends. I am going to let you pick the level because different brands have different speeds, levels, etc and you also pick how many times you repeat the drill.  Please note that on the first minute at a slower speed, you are NOT holding on to the railing. Pick a speed you are comfortable to do this, even if it seems super slow to you.  (you can always up the speed on the second time through). The challenge is up to you by deciding your levels and how many times you repeat the drill.

Warm-up:  5 minutes
Slower speed – single step – WITHOUT holding on:  1 minute
Add 2 levels – single step – WITH holding on:  1 minute
Add 2 levels – 2 steps at a time – WITH holding on:  1 minute
Slower speed RECOVERY:  1 minute
When finished, cool down for 5 minutes.

Have fun!!


2 thoughts on “The Stair “Monster”

  1. I’ll do that this morning. You could add something to the routine to make it more tolerable- like maybe texting your friends or answering email or just reading stuff on your iPad. P.S. I’ll be staying warm on the stairmaster while the whole world, northern and southern,is freezing outside!

  2. Also a ‘fan’ of the stair monster. I did this routine this morning for 60 minutes and it was great! Time literally flew by, got my cardio in and I’ll be doing it again. Thanks for sharing this one.

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