Da Bomb

I recently ordered this cooler and have completely fallen head over heels for it. It may look like just a regular cooler, but oh, it is so much more!  It really is “da bomb”! For those of us on the go all day and take all of our prepared meals with us…this cooler is a must on your Christmas list this year. This is the 3 meal container cooler (although it can fit more than 3 meals in all of the compartments) or there is a 5 meal container cooler (and come on, it comes in PINK!)

Things I love about my 6-pack cooler:

–  Fits ALL of my meals in it for the day. (like 6 meals, people)
–  My blender fits in the side pocket. (I can’t live without my blender!)
–  On top there are little slots for supplements I take.
–  2 ice bags to keep my food cool and fresh.
–  See that little pocket on the front?  Well, when you unzip it, you can slide your tupperware in AND the shelves can be repositioned based on your size of tupperware.
–  I also put my utensils, stevia, protein powder, gum, water bottles, etc.

Seriously – can you see why I love it?  You can order yours HERE. Worth every penny!


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