New Year. Blog More.

As we ring in 2012, there is an old year to reflect upon and a new year to look forward to. Each year has it’s ups and downs, and I don’t expect anything else from 2012. Each year I set goals. Some I reach, some get forgotten, some get set aside, and some just fall flat on their faces. As I ponder my goals for this new year, one keeps coming back to mind:  Blog More. I love to blog. I love the connection of friends, old and new, some of which I have never met face to face. Of course, I’ll set more specifics to this goal, but in 2012 I WILL BLOG MORE. MORE about what makes me happy in life. MORE about what makes me happy as a wife, mom, and woman. MORE about what makes my life more simple. MORE about nutrition and fitness.

Now..who is gonna hold me to it?


5 thoughts on “New Year. Blog More.

  1. Trish: It’s always great to read what you want to tell us. More is definitely better than less. Keep up the good work. I look forward to seeing it!

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