I found these great chopsticks while on our latest adventure to Hawaii. They make me think of sushi. My little family loves sushi. In fact, our Christmas Eve tradition is to go out for sushi. For several years now, I have wanted to learn the art of making sushi rolls. When I saw these chopsticks I knew that I wanted to get them to make {and eat} rolls at my own dinner table.  I think 2012 is my year…anyone want to learn with me?


3 thoughts on “Chopsticks

  1. I had 5 Japanese foreign exchange students stay in our home over the years and they all made sushi….what I really want to know is how much can I eat and stay within LTL parameters? 1 roll? 1/2 a roll? What’s the carb/protein/fat ratio……

  2. Layne –

    All rolls are different, so it is hard to say “1 roll, 1/2 roll….” Some are so high in calories you might get a bite! LOL! Depending on which meal it is, you are pretty safe to stay within around 300 calories, 40 – 50% carbs, 30 – 40% protein, 20 – 30% fat.

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