Eat Seasonably

I recently came across this nifty little chart that shows when fruits and vegetables are in season. I enjoy buying them when they are in season for a couple of reasons:

1. Better taste
(produce from the family garden was always the best)
2. Higher in vitamins and nutrients
(produce isn’t traveling the long distances after being picked prematurely)
3. Cheaper
(I live on a budget to!)

Although this chart isn’t all inclusive of every fruit and vegetable, I will be using this as my guide to start incorporating more in season produce with my kids (I’ll hide some of them by pureeing).  Anyone want to join me?  As I look over January/February, my kids will eat one of the vegetables listed…carrots. It’s a start!


2 thoughts on “Eat Seasonably

  1. Great post Trish! So important that we all know this info. I have two post that you would like regarding this info, ‘The Best Bang for Your Bite’, and ‘CSA- Community Supported Agriculture’- find both at

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