You KNOW you have missed inclines

A lot of things change over the course of a year….kids get older and taller (my oldest is now as tall as me), friends move away (I moved away…and then moved BACK!), new jobs, new houses, new friends, new TV shows, and I could go on forever. BUT some things never change…true best friends will always be your besties even if you don’t see each other for months at a time, your family loves you unconditionally despite your quirkiness, we all continue trying be kinder and better people, and I still LOVE climbing inclines on the treadmill. You KNOW you have missed them! They are a challenging, yet fun, workout all rolled up into a tight little bundle that makes this mama happy! Here is a incline workout to try this week.

This is what I “think” I look like when I am conquering that 15 incline:

{I wish I knew who to give credit to for this picture….}

Workout Time:  45 minutes

5 minutes: Warm up
10 minutes: Climb from a level 1 to a 15 at your own pace and time. Just be to a 15 by the end of the 10 minutes.
10 minutes: Steady climb on a 15
15 minutes: 1 minute each level from a 15 to a 1. On each level, add speed.
For example:
– 1 minute: level 15, add speed
– 1 minute: level 14, add speed
– 1 minute: level 13, add speed
– 1 minute: level 12, add speed
…continue until you reach level 1 as your final level and pushing to your MAX effort
5 minutes: Cool down

I have done this one a couple of times on my own and love it! The time goes by quickly and the drill is challenging. Try it out this week and tell me you didn’t miss the inclines. Happy Week!


6 thoughts on “You KNOW you have missed inclines

  1. Trish – I miss your inclines! Thank you for this one. I will take this one to the gym with me and give it a whirl. Did you move back to SL? Are you teaching at T.A.C. again? I might be moving back and I will go to your classes if you are back there. Please say yes! –

    • Ashley – I MISS YOU!!! Yes, I have moved back to SLC, but I am not teaching at TAC. I am not teaching anywhere right now as I am back and forth still between St George and SLC and busy with the business. I’ll start teaching somewhere again soon – I can’t stay away 🙂 Let me know when you are coming back!!

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