“I’m Hungry…”

Honestly….my Emma must say this phrase at least 25 times every day. At least. After each whiny plea, I proceed to list off every item of food located in the fridge and pantry. To which I get a “no” for each one I list off. “Really, Emma?” It gets kind of annoying at times.  A friend of mine shared this cute idea to help her kids make good food choices for snacks and it works beautifully for my little bottomless pit. I take a large muffin tin and fill each “muffin” with a different healthy food choice. So, when I hear “I’m hungry”, I simply hand her the tin and let her choose.
Works wonders at our house!

The list could be forever long and vary by age, but some of my favs are:
carrot sticks
berries of any variety
cheese sticks
sliced apples
yogurt containers
no sugar added dried fruit
banana chunks

You can see the possibilities are endless.
I actually think I need to make an adult version for myself…


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