Four Peaks

Yesterday, I posted some of my favorite songs on a recent playlist. Here is the climbing drill to go along with it. The numbers match up to the songs in the playlist. Those who know me well, know that I {heart} my inclines!

FOUR PEAKS  *see special instructions below

1:       Warm-up
2-3:   30 seconds each level 2-15
4:       Level 1 recover (jog or walk)
5-6:   30 seconds each level 2-15
7:       Level 1 recover (jog or walk)
8-9:   30 seconds each level 2-15
10:     Level 1 recover (jog or walk)
11:     15 seconds each level 2-15
12:     Cool down
13:     Stretch

*You have the choice to walk or jog during this drill.
*Each peak is roughly 7 minutes long (except the last one). Push yourself to the max…a break of about 4 minutes is coming!
*You can slow down as you near the higher inclines (from a jog to a walk, walk to slower walk…), or keep the speed the same the entire time.
*Try not to hold onto the rails of the treadmill.
*During the recovery, don’t get too comfortable. A steady walk or jog to keep the heart rate up.
*Have fun and snap and clap a lot.


6 thoughts on “Four Peaks

  1. Do you walk or run your inclines? Or both 🙂 I’m looking for some good interval training workouts to increase my endurance and speed while running (I’m new to running ;)) Any good workouts you know of that you want to share??

    • HI Annie! I actually do both (depending on how I am feeling). Sometimes I will start at a run and as I increase the incline I slow to a walk. OR I start at a nice fast walk and keep that same pace all of the way up, so I end up running on the higher inclines. Type in “Tread” in the search box on my blog and it will bring up more Treadmill drills. Good luck!!

  2. Holy cow Trish–I did this incline workout this morning. Nearly died, lol. I was dripping sweat!! Such a good workout! Oh, and I started out running and had to stop around a level 9 or 10 🙂 Hopefully I can work up to running longer. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love all these treadmill workouts because I just don’t have anyone here to push me on a treadmill, so I’ve tried to come up with my own. And mine just aren’t as good as yours, so just know that I appreciate them! 🙂

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