Have you pulled a “Mountain Air”?

Jesse and I like to travel, and when we do, we like to enjoy food. Excellent food. Not just mediocre food. Incredible food that we can talk about for years to come.

But sometimes this crazy thing happens that we like to call the “Mountain Air”.  Let me explain.

Several years ago, we took a weekend getaway to Park City, Utah.  Amazing city with equally amazing eating establishments.  We made the mistake of letting ourselves get hungry. You know exactly what I am talking about because it has happened to you. Don’t pretend it hasn’t. You are starving. Famished. Could eat a small child. You get ornery and snappy as your blood sugars plummet. Everyone is unhappy and calling you names behind your back because you are miserable and you just want food. Any food. Stat. So you settle for whatever. Ugh. That is what happened to us. We were in Park City for heavens sake and could have skipped over to Main Street to some comfy little cafe and had a delightful dinner that we talked about all night long.  Oh we talked about it all night long alright, but we settled for this little diner called the Mountain Air Cafe. Bad. Choice. (it doesn’t exist any more if that is any indication of what the quality of food was like) We were so mad for making a poor decision by allowing ourselves to get to the “I could chew my own arm off” stage. We had indeed “pulled a Mountain Air” by picking a lame dining experience because our judgment was clouded by our own hunger.

And now to get to the point of this blog post…from that trip on, we took one simple step to ensure we didn’t pull a “Mountain Air” again. We always took some healthy snacks along with us on every single trip to enjoy between meal times. This past weekend, Jesse and I took a weekend getaway to San Francisco (more on THAT later) and my carry on was stocked with…

– Almonds
– Fruit
– Beef jerky
– Tuna packs and crackers
– Rice cakes and almond butter
– Protein powder and oats
– Protein pancakes (I freeze and throw in my bag)

We nosh on these goodies in between restaurant stops which allows us to thoroughly enjoy the culinary yumminess of each city. (like peanut butter in sushi, anyone??  It rocked, by the way.) Pack some healthy snacks the next time you travel to save yourself from pulling a “Mountain Air” and instead experience food and memories to be talked about for years to come.


2 thoughts on “Have you pulled a “Mountain Air”?

  1. Scott went to Michigan for work this week and we knew it would be difficult for him to eat healthy all week so I did exactly that and packed him healthy snacks! And the hotel he is at has a hot breakfast so he is having his eggs in the morning with fresh fruit! Packing healthy snacks saves the week!

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