Incline + Lunges = ?

Incline + Lunges = ______

I’ll let you fill in the blank here. I can think of some words that would fit nicely…torture, insanity, hell, soreness, etc., but for me it equals LOVE! I have done this workout a few times over the past few weeks and LOVE it because it’s not boring, the time flies by, my heart rate stays up, and my legs feel it!

this is the treadmill at gym I go to….30 incline….really?  Who goes there?

40 minute incline + lunges = ?:
Warm up on a 1 incline:  5 minutes
Walking on 10-12 incline/steady pace: 2 minutes
Lunging on 10-12 incline/1.0-1.5 speed: 1 minute
Repeat 10 times
Cool down on a 1 incline: 5 minutes

Pick the incline between a 10-12 and leave it there for the full workout. If you are just starting on inclines, pick a lower incline to start out with. Pick a speed to keep you challenged BUT that you don’t have to hold onto the railings. For the one minute of lunges, take the first 15 seconds to slow down (try 1.0-1.5), 30 seconds to lunge, and 15 seconds to speed back up to your steady pace. This gives you the full minute and allows you to climb for a full 2 minutes.

Try it out then come fill in the blank for me!  Happy Monday all!


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