The value of hard work

I dropped my kids off in Idaho this week to spend a few days with Grandma and Grandpa. On my lonely drive back to Utah, many memories of growing up in the country came to the surface. I thought of what my kids would experience over their stay in Idaho and had an aching for those days…they will be tucked into bed each night with my Grandma’s homemade quilts snuggled around them, wake up each morning to the smell of  pancakes and find my Dad flipping “flapjacks” in the kitchen, sleep with the windows wide open, sit on the front porch in the cool evening air, listen to the summer sounds of sprinklers and crickets, smell the wet alfalfa fields, and play night games like “kick the can” and “Annie-I-Over” until my Mom tells them it’s too late and they need to come inside. Oh the memories…I wouldn’t trade my childhood for anything.

Another memory surfaced when my sister sent me this picture tonight…

The memory of hard work.

This is my Gabe moving sprinkler pipe.  Hard work was something my parents instilled in me and my 4 sisters from a very young age. I remember riding in my Dad’s old green Chevy truck to work each summer morning starting when I was 12 years old. I would clean school buses each summer until I graduated from High School. I hated it. But it taught me to work hard, to be accountable, and the value of money. And I got to be with my Dad, which didn’t seem cool when I was 12, but now looking back I was one lucky little girl.

You might be wondering what this has to do with being healthy and happy? It has a everything to do with it, actually. I believe part of being healthy is having a balance in your life. A balance of the proper nutrition, daily exercise, strong relationships, loving your career, enjoying hobbies, finding spirituality, being positive, etc. The best things in life don’t come by themselves and usually don’t come easily. You have to work for them and they take effort. I think those who learn at a young age to value work and not be afraid to jump in and get dirty are some of the most successful, healthy, and happy people I know. So you can see that living a healthy, happy life involves the value of hard work. Something I am eternally grateful for and hope to continue to instill in my own children.

I just might have to send my kids to the farm more often…


One thought on “The value of hard work

  1. Trish: I found myself tearing up as I read your piece. Thanks for writing it. You are a great inspiration to those around you and even those who are not. Cheers!

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