Simple Summer Dessert

Although I am positive that I felt a hint of Fall in the air this morning, Summer is still here for a few more weeks. As Summer winds down and Fall starts to peek its head in, I look forward to the fresh fruits and vegetables of this time of year. I particularly am fond of tart raspberries and juicy peaches. Can you think of a better pair to make the perfect summer dessert?

Jesse is devouring a large bowl of this dynamic duo as I type…

Slice up a peach, add in a handful of raspberries, and top with stevia. (Jesse likes to add almond milk, too).  Hit up the Farmers Market this weekend to stock up on these goodies, then gobble up this simple summer dessert as often as possible while it lasts! Which isn’t very long at our house…


3 thoughts on “Simple Summer Dessert

  1. I did that this morning for breakfast…just added protein powder and almond milk and cinnamon and oats. I called it Peach Pie…it was soooo yummy!

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