The best thing I have done for ME lately…

When was the last time you did something nice just for YOU? Doing something nice for your body, taking a breather away from the daily grind, a quiet moment, a favorite getaway? I for one am guilty of not allowing myself a break. I say to myself  I “don’t have time” or somehow “don’t deserve a break”. This week I decided it was time I put myself in time out and allow myself to enjoy a massage.  I eat well, drink lots of water, exercise each day, but I don’t make the time for what my massage therapist calls an “oil change”.

I can honestly say that after a good work-over of my overly tight musculature, I have not felt that good in years.  I could tell my circulation was better, my digestive system was working better (I’ll spare you the details on that one), toxins were on their way out, my tight muscles were loosened up, and I just felt happier.

I challenge each of you to do something nice for just YOU this week.  You decide what it will be. For me, I will be scheduling more massages in the future and I think my fellow workout mamas should consider the same.

As an added bonus, my massage therapist will be one of many at a new Spa near my home….Sage Leaf Spa at Brick Canvas (Thanksgiving Point). If you want more info, like their Facebook page.

Happy week all and enjoy taking care of YOU!


2 thoughts on “The best thing I have done for ME lately…

  1. Hi Trish,

    Would you be able to share your wonderful massage person’s name? I’ve got a hamstring that needs some attention. Thanks, Diane Z.

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