No excuses!

It is Spring Break in certain parts of Utah this week (my part of Utah), and many of my friends and clients are out and about enjoying some of the warmer parts of our beautiful country. {Little jealous, but I’ll leave that for another post.} Many of them are wondering WHEN they will get their workouts in, IF they will get their workouts in, what type of equipment will be available, what equipment can they take with them, etc… Of course my first answer is that they should just take me…but I’m not getting any invites. Weird.

Anywho…here is the perfect solution to those vacation workout problems:  TABATA!

TABATA is a favorite of mine because there is no equipment necessary, you can do it anywhere, you can burn a lot of calories, and you can get your sweat on in less than 30 minutes so you can soak up the sun and play all day. NO EXCUSES! I’ll admit…it’s tough, it’s intense, it can get ugly, but you’ll love it!

Here is how it works:


Pick an exercise*
Do exercise for 20 seconds (ALL OUT EFFORT!)
Take a 10 second rest
Repeat 8 times for a 4 minute set
Take 1 minute off
Move to next exercise (pick 4-5 exercises for a total of 4-5 TABATA’S)

*Here are a few examples of exercises to use: (google if needed)
– Burpees
– Jump Squats
– Jumping Lunges (aka Scissor Jumps)
– Mountain Climbers
– Speed Skater
– Power Lunge
– Fast Feet (think football feet)
– And if you do have access to some equipment, try TABATA with the Kettlebell or the TRX suspension trainer. We love using these at Lyceum!

Enjoy Spring Break!


TIP:  I use the Tabata Pro app to keep me on task. It talks to me and tells me when to “work” and when to “rest”. And sometimes I yell at it to hurry up or shut-up. Just sayin’.


2 thoughts on “No excuses!

  1. Just did Tabata today!! I’ve become a believer in it! It kicks my butt every time I take the class but today I had an instructor who was Hitler in a girl body! 🙂 She actually did every single exercise on your list and more! Hoping to see you around the Fourth of July with Becky! 🙂

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