Strawberry Pancake Roll-Ups

Yesterday Emma brought  home my Mother’s Day gift and insisted that I open it today. “No need to wait until Sunday”, she insisted. On the outside of the colored paper sack was a poem about Breakfast in Bed. I assumed there was some sort of breakfast deliciousness inside the pretty bag, and my assumptions turned out to be correct. Inside was a beautiful and somewhat smooshed blueberry muffin. After I thanked her for the gift and we shared hugs, she immediately turned her adorable 6-year old toothless grin up towards me and begged, “Can I have it?”  LOL – sneaky little thing. Of course I agreed and my thoughts turned immediately to these Strawberry Pancake Roll-Ups that I made last weekend. I’ll be indulging in these on Mother’s Day as they remind me of mother’s for some reason. Soft, pink, and sweet….they are delicious! I hope someone offers to make them for you (wink, wink)!

Strawberry Pancake Roll-Ups

Recipe inspired here

1/2 cup oats
1 TB FAVAO vanilla protein powder
1/4 cup non-fat plain Greek yogurt
1 egg white
2 TB unsweetened vanilla almond milk
2 large strawberries, sliced
stevia if needed

2 TB low-fat cottage cheese
2 TB non-fat plain Greek yogurt
1 TB FAVAO vanilla protein powder
4 large strawberries sliced
stevia if needed

PANCAKES: In a small blender, blend oats into a flour. Combine all pancake ingredients together and blend into a smooth batter. Pour into 2-3 pancakes and cook each side.
FILLING: Blend all ingredients (except 2 of the strawberries) until smooth. Pour a small amount of filling into the center of each pancake, roll up pancake, top with remaining filling and sliced strawberries.

Calories:  337


One thought on “Strawberry Pancake Roll-Ups

  1. Looks good! Also as usual the pictures are great showing all of your photographer friends they need to step up their skills. Also their fitness but that goes unsaid.

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